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My art practice aims to explore the elements of everyday life. My interest is in framing our existence, voyeuristic responses, and the very idea of duality. 

I find that playing with the formal elements helps me better visually represent these intentions. This will bring about an exploration of a dialogue with the past while engaging current issue; addressing cyclical occurrences throughout history, but with contemporary challenges. 


My assertion is to create a juxtaposition of conceptual art and the aesthetic value; thus visually combining what I believe to be the very essence of art. 

For this reason, reading of my work often includes both arbitrary and conventional signs, personal assumptions mixed with stylistic representation of post-modern content. 

For inspiration, I look to old masters as well as the new.

The theoretical framing of my work is to move it beyond the hyped contemporary referent and trendy aesthetic that pays less attention to content and more to approximation.


I believe modern viewers have become accustomed to having art dissected and served to them, which can often devalue the artwork. Although I enjoy contemporary art and admire many of its practitioners, I strive to create something with a deeper significance; a bridge between the  ancient rituals and modern viewers.

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