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selected digital drawings

Hands Off my Digital Boudoir,

digital drawing, 2016;

Wearing Down the Moon,

digital drawing, 2016;

If Blue was a colour she would be Sienna,

photograph, digital drawing, 2016;

Nordyc Limb for Thermal Deliverers,

graphite, photograph - assembled digitally, 2015;

A Kind of Sad Dummy,

graphite, marker, ink on paper, LEGO toy, photograph - assembled digitally, 2015;

Saint Huck to Eternity,

graphite, ink, coffee, watercolors on paper - assembled digitally, 2015;


* text by Nick Cave

Shakespeare Double Feature for The Copy, right!

graphite, charcoal, ink on paper, photograph - assembled digitally, 2015;

★ Watcher,

graphite, ink on paper, photograph - assembled digitally, 2015;

Academic Pursuit Requires a New Suit, 

graphite, ink on paper, photograph - assembled digitally, 2015;

The Confrontationist,

graphite, ink, watercolor on paper, photograph - assembled digitally, 2015;

La Grande Storia Più Tragica di Romeus e Etta,

graphite, red and blue ballpen, Gesso, acrylic paint on paper, photograph - assembled digitally, 2015;

Contention, Convention, Intention, Prevention, Imma payin’,

Attention, while Venus in Furs in background is playin’,

graphite, red and blue ballpen, whiteout on paper, photograph - assembled digitally, 2015;

The 3rd Way to 2nd Guess 1Self,

graphite on paper, photograph - assembled digitally, 2015;

Ariadne Dreaming,

graphite on artist paper/color added digitally, 17.5x22.5, 2014;

Portrait of a Man in a Turban (after Jan van Eyck),

graphite, image reversal digital, 18x24, 2014;

Republicōn Idol,

ink on paper/photograph collage digital,  2011;

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