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selected paintings


acrylic paint, commercial paint, spray paint, wood stain, cloth, rocks on wood, 48x48, 2016;

Facing Rejection after 40 Days and Nights in the Desert (Bruised Ego),

oil on canvas, 46x54, 2016;

Portrait on copper,

oil paint on copper plate, 9x12, 2015;

Opinions & Contradiction

(Can't Explain Why),

acrylic paint on canvas, duct tape, marker, 40x40, 2016;


owned by a private collector

Eye No Hoo U R,

oil paint, acrylic paint, ink marker on wood panel, 32x48, 2015;

328A...or Something Equally Random,

house paint, Gesso, paper, glue, marker on wooden panel, 24x26, 2015;

Altarpiece for American Tragedy,

wood stain, house paint, Gesso, acrylic paint on wooden panel, 77.5x18, 2015;

Robert (a Color Study),

oil on Masonite board, 11.75x15, 2015;

Edmond (a Study),

gesso, oil on Masonite board, 12.5x16, 2014;


owned by a private collector

A Strong Family (Can't Stop Us Now),

oil, color pencil on Mylar, 14x14, 2014;

(photo reference by Christabelle Calderon)


owned by a private collector

Portrait of the Artist as a Caravaggista,

oil on wooden panel, 20x20, 2014;

Self Portrait,

acrylic on canvas, 8x10, 2012;

iTheism (Behind a Digital Wall),

acrylic on canvas/India ink and crackle paste, 30x40, 2010;

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