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Visions of Savonarola

Art purists might have us believe that only oil painting and classic statuary deserve a label of fine art. On the other hand, in the mid-19th century Paul Delaroche declared “painting is dead.” Since then many contemporary art critics and some art practitioners would have us believe just that. The rest of us find ourselves in the middle. And there, in the gray, is where the majority of life resides.


I believe in the intention of artwork, regardless of its medium. The medium is only a tool. We have been using charcoal for centuries, but it became incomparably alive in Picasso’s hand. Why? Innovation - his intention went beyond materiality.


In this series digital production and traditional painting are my tools.  I have also composed a soundscape, an audio assistant, specifically designed to help guide the viewer on this journey.


The series is an allegorical lesson reflecting the frenzy of the titular Dominican frier, Savonarola, who praised sacred art, while strongly condemning the world of secular art. Have we found ourselves in times mirroring the past - when we adore a golden putto and frown at a golden urinal. That is something for each to decided, but in the meantime enjoy the process, and thank you.

Absolute Reality

(homage to A.G.),

digital drawing on photo paper, 2016;


acrylic paint on wood panel, 24x30, 2016;


digital drawing on photo paper, 2016;


digital drawing on photo paper, 2016;


digital drawing on photo paper, 2016;


acrylic paint on canvas, 36x48, 2015;


acrylic paint on canvas, 40x60, 2015;


digital drawing on photo paper, 2016;


digital drawing on photo paper, 2016;

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